Hunter Corry


About me

I'm a senior at BYU majoring in Computer Science. I'm interested in artificial intelligence and full-stack development. I have experience doing back-end development at an electrical engineering firm, so I decided to take CS 260 as an elective to gain experience and knowledge about front-end and full-stack development.

In my free time, I love to build things. Whether it's building FPV drones, doing metal or wood working, or 3D printing, I am happy. I love to play with my dog Tank. I'm also obsessed with golf, scuba diving, hammocking, and watching scary movies.

I would love to start a career in full-stack development working closely with artificial intelligence. My dream is to go to grad school at MIT.

Start up project

This is my startup project: Delligator

Simon project

This is my implementation of Simon only using HTML: Simon

Web programming assignments